Increasing sales

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply". Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The sales volume is one of the factors that decide the brand’s popularity on the market. We know how to effectively increase it.

Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Account Manager, UX/UI Designer
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How to sell more?

The number of transactions or the value of the average shopping cart depends on many factors. They include such elements like brand awareness and popularity as well as the attractiveness of the offer and market demand on the particular product or services.

That is why it is incredibly important to execute the developed sales scenario. The key to success is to be aware of customers’ needs, expectations and capabilities.

Thanks to that, it is possible to not only prepare the attractive offer but to select appropriate promotional and communication tools. They will encourage the recipient to be interested in the brand and its products.

Attracting consumer’s attention is half the battle when it comes to conversion.


The process of boosting sales is a multidimensional activity focused around the brand and its offer. On the one hand, its aim is to reach the right recipient with the right message, but on the other encourage it to shop. Additionally, in order to achieve I, there cannot be any obstacles in the shopping process.

Shopping “call to action”

We have encountered many situations where companies, mostly e-commerce, did not reach optimal sales volume. The brands were popular, had high positions in Google search results, web traffic was satisfactory, however, the number of conversions was lower than expected.

Potential problems might occur on different, often very subtle dimensions. They may be related to the web usability, wrongly directed advertising messages or call-to-action. You have to remember that with all the diversity of the target groups, every consumer prefers the comfort and enjoys personalized messages, even though is often undecided.

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