"Each work is possible to perform if you divide into smaller segments". Abraham Lincoln

We bring customers to your online store, optimize conversion and prepare coherent sales strategy (regarding price and communication). Our agency generates results in e-commerce!

Joanna Tymowicz
Joanna Tymowicz
Client Service Director
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Strategic partner

Ideo Force's teams of experts constantly aspire to improve skills and get to know the market. By taking care of that, we are able to provide high-quality digital marketing services for our clients and help them to achieve success.

We execute complex digital marketing actions concerning e-commerce: attracting customers to the store, converting web traffic for sale or leads, recurrent attracting customers to the store, recovering of abandoned carts, transforming customers into brand ambassadors.

Ideo Force agency gains clients' trust thanks to our knowledge, level of professionalism and expertise. We take care of all our brands and projects as well as aim to improve their growth. We offer consultancy services, select the best available solutions, and help brands to find themselves in online reality.

Web traffic and customers

We bring adequate traffic to the online store by using SEO, search network results of campaigns (Google Ads, previously AdWords), e-mailing, content marketing, social media adverts (Facebook, Instagram).

What distinguishes us from the competitors is the fact that we use all communication channels comprehensively, and we treat each online store individually.

Thanks to carefully planned strategies, our certified specialists will increase sales of your products and services as well as reach a specific target group by using available possibilities.

Ad campaigns

The most popular ways to gain valuable web traffic for online stores include: long tail SEO and Google Ads campaigns (previously Google AdWords).

We will select the best keywords that will ensure the increase in store's popularity possibly in a short amount of time.

The quality of our services can be verified by these certificates: Google Partner Premium, Google Partners Rising Star, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, E-commerce Professional.


Conversion of customers' traffic

Our agency applies Inbound Marketing ideas to everyday tasks. According to it, after gaining valuable web traffic, it should be converted into specific transactions.

We analyze incoming web traffic, study statistics, set up user session tracking software. We discover (and so do you) what users are doing and what part of the shopping process requires optimization.

Additionally, we analyze online store's usability and availability. Our experts advise store owners what to change in their strategy to increase the number and value of transactions.

We attract customers (again)

To attract customers again to your website is one of fundamental rules of effective e-commerce marketing. We do it by using: loyalty systems, e-mail/Google adwords/RTB platforms remarketing (including automation marketing).

What distinguishes us from the competitors is the fact that our agency combines forms of digital marketing with traditional offline marketing methods. For instance, we execute direct telemarketing processes with later e-mailing procedures – all based on CRM.

Ideo Force agency also executes real-time marketing campaigns as well as distributes promo coupons for current customers – via e-mail and offline. Strategies implemented for our clients always include this significant Inbound Marketing moment.

Affiliate and loyalty programs

Marketing research proves that loyal customers and business partners are really important for companies. They help to generate profit and decrease costs.

That is why it is really important to take care of them properly - you need to build their loyalty and attachment to the brand. They need to know it is worth collaborating with your company.

The type of marketing that can help to achieve it includes loyalty and affiliate programs. Our agency's experts will help you prepare, plan and execute proper actions – adjusted to your and your recipients' needs.

Your company will receive suitable knowledge and tools that will help in relation management. We also know how important is customer service - that is why our agency will help to plan and develop all activities regarding it.

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