Content marketing

"Marketers fell in love with technology and forgot that people tend to buy from brands that show certain history". Sam Walton

Content marketing is a form of a dialog with customers. The foundation of this long-term activity is an understanding of recipients' needs and delivering engaging content in an attractive form. The result? Building a positive brand image and recognition as well as an increase in website traffic and better lead generation.

Daniel Kazanecki
Daniel Kazanecki
Creative and Content Manager
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Content marketing

Modern internet users pay more and more attention to the online content. They look for engaging and attractive articles, valuable information and interesting materials. Nowadays, brand marketing needs to be not only pleasing but of high quality as well.

Delivery of quality content in an accessible form, coherent with marketing strategy, is fundamental to content marketing and web PR. Even perfectly designed brand won’t be successful, if customers don’t know about its existence.

Content marketing strategy

We will help you prepare the right marketing plan and give directions for actions which will help to build brand awareness among customers. The form of content we decide to use combines text with visual elements. Our agency executes and creates concepts of complex marketing campaigns. We will assign suitable communication methods, select tools and ways to reach your target groups. Ideo Force will take care of your brand and help you achieve your goals.

Transferring knowledge into paper

The execution of effective content marketing campaigns is a combination of many factors. One of them includes knowledge that manifests itself not only in the acquaintance with tools, techniques and modern solutions but above all in knowing the client, industry and target group's needs.

We want to share what we have learned during the years of working with our clients. This dream resulted in a book titled Content marketing – the modern guide (original title: „Content marketing, współczesny poradnik po marketingu treści”) written by Magdalena Tobiasz and Wojciech Szymański. These two digital marketing specialists decided to arrange the knowledge about content marketing. They share their thoughts and suggestions on how to use the full potential of content marketing. Step by step, they reveal the secret of its phenomenon.

Brand speaking like native

Many countries, many markets, many languages. In times of globalization it’s natural for brands and companies to move to the new (usually foreign) markets. In such situations, they have to cope with language barriers. Remember that the language is not just written / spoken text. It consists of many factors that dynamically form and change it. It's people who make it up - their mentality, culture, habits. When introducing product to foreign market – it’s first and foremost to get to know these people – your potential clients. They will decide about your success. So the brand must speak in natural way, like a native speaker in order to be liked by them. Do not hesitate to ask us how to achieve it.

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