Boosting website traffic

"The website should be measured not by people who visited it but by people who visited it again". Michael Dell

Online traffic includes all users who visit websites every day. Their presence on the brand's website is a key factor in increasing its reach and recognition.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Kwiatkowski
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How to increase website traffic?

Traffic on a company's website is the key indicator of brand's popularity. Among these users, there is a significant number of potential customers. Works improving traffic are useful in every stage, particularly at the beginning – when building recognition and brand awareness.

Thanks to our agency's expertise, we know which tools to use in selected lines of business. We know how to implement effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients.



There are many ways to achieve objectives, for example, web positioning, link building and AdWords campaigns. Gaining users' interest is just a first step to success. It is crucial to maintain that interest, by providing attractive and quality content, in order to convince them to stay with the brand and return to the website.

The importance of web traffic

As previously mentioned, web traffic can indicate the number of potential customers. The more customers, the bigger chance of conversions increase. E-commerce is a good example, as it is a sector that displays results in a form of specific transactions.

However, SEO/SEM activities on websites offering services are as important. Conversions do happen, but goals are defined differently. They can include visiting a contact information, submitting a form or downloading a file.

Blogs and news websites make a profit thanks to high traffic rates. They guarantee websites' popularity and revenue from adverts.

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