Brand image building process

"It’s more effective to do something valuable than to hope a logo or name will do it for you". Jason Cohen

Brand image is the impression of the brand in the consumer’s mind that should evoke certain ideas and emotions.

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Brand image

Brand image building is a multistage and multifaceted process. It consists of many elements such as the system of values, missions and objectives, the language of communication or corporate identity system. Their aim is to distinguish the brand from the competition, emphasize its uniqueness and win over new customers.

In the whole branding process, the certain brand impression is developed. It will be shared in order to evoke particular associations and emotions as well as boost brand recognition.


Development of the brand image is the very first step every company needs to face. The proper promotion is required: the rise of brand awareness among recipients, the improvement in brand’s reach, attractiveness, credibility by using carefully selected marketing tools.


Brand building is not a completely closed process. The popular act that is being practiced by companies around the world is called rebranding. This decision is made not only to maintain attractiveness to customers but also showcases company’s level of professionalism and the ability to adapt.

Generally, rebranding does not reject brand’s previous elements. It gives them a new shape and meaning as well as makes the brand image coherent. This task is not easy, even though it only involves the improvement of the visual aspects (logo, colors etc.). One needs to remember that the impression of the brand consolidates in recipients’ minds for years. Consequently, any careless changes might not be well-received. Each brand must consider customers’ feedback before making any decisions concerning rebranding.

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