Digital marketing strategies

"The beginning is the most important part of the work". Platon

Modern marketing - online and offline - consists of advanced domains that require certain planning. Without clearly specified goals and carefully selected tools, the results of taken actions might be limited.

Daniel Kazanecki
Daniel Kazanecki
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Plan ahead

Good judgment in making business decisions and quick adaptation to changing conditions are valuable attributes of every businessman. However, they might now always be enough. What might be required is a well-thought-out plan, realistic objectives and the right way to achieve them. Marketing strategy makes it all possible. Besides the business plan and a brand book, it should be one of the most important documents in each company.

Marketing strategy aims the specific, constantly developing interactive market, which in many cases might dominate other media. It provides vast possibilities of promotion, sale, and a brand-building. That is why all activities made interactively should be well thought out. It is worth to order such document to specialists who deal with many brands online. They will have the expertise, they will be familiar with appropriate tools and current trends.

Observe and analyze

The analysis of the competition can be the source of valuable data. By knowing its actions, it might help us to modify our own and build market the advantage.

Nowadays, there are many tools that allow to monitor and analyze companies online. Ideo Force conducts one-time marketing analyses as well as regular reports that allow observing changes in their business environment.

Elements of our strategies

There is no single universal pattern of marketing strategy. This type of document is prepared for each client individually. Particular elements are tailored to client's needs and expectations.

Generally, marketing strategy features:

  • marketing analysis of the competition
  • description of target groups
  • strategy and brand's communication language
  • desctription of tools used in promotion
  • strategy of marketing activities in individual channels
  • schedule of promotional activities
  • methods of execution of brand image, communication, informational, sales objectives


Market observation

A good strategy cannot be created or exist without the suitable context. In order to create it, one should be familiar with the client as well as latest trends and promo tools.

That is why our agency begins each project by getting to know the client; its needs and possibilities. We also try to understand its customers to find an effective way to reach them. The next step involves creating the strategy document.

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