Online sales

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply". Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Over 50 percent of Polish people buys online; all signs indicate that this number will be rising.

Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Account Manager, UX/UI Designer
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How to sell online?

Effective e-commerce business is a demanding task. Many online stores are launched and run without prepared sales strategies or target groups; basically, without any marketing activities. 

Ideo Force agency has successfully completed over a hundred e-commerce marketing campaigns. We help our clients make their online stores stand out from the competitors - this is one of the most important requirements to increase online sale.

Meeting customers' needs

The success of every online store depends on its customers. Each element of e-commerce business is important – customer's first encounter with a store, analysis of customer's behavior, and after-sales activities.

When a target group is wrongly determined or the website traffic is irrelevant, it will not result in conversions. The aspect that might also affect customers' shopping decisions is a non-intuitive interface. However, the lack of effective remarketing and after-sales activities might influence their return to the website. In order to achieve success, all these factors need to work simultaneously.

Depending on their needs, Ideo Force agency offers its clients individually prepared solutions. Our team of experts carefully determine which tools will bring desired results.

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