Lead generation

"Drive thy business or it will drive thee". Benjamin Franklin

Lead is an informal name for the user who left a company their contact information, or who company contacted in any other way.

Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Account Manager, UX/UI Designer
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Leads in business

Leads are one of the most precious resources that each company wants to acquire. The potential customer, who is interested in the offer and left contact information, is likely to make a shopping decision.

This could be the reason why many marketing campaigns focus mainly on leads generation. In order to achieve satisfying results, the promotion must be properly prepared. Necessary factors include: learning about target groups, selection of channels and communication messages that will attract recipients.

Complex ad campaigns allow to reach users via many channels. Their aim is to increase brand awareness and encourage users to interact with the brand.


The Internet offers various possibilities and promotional tools. However, not all of them will be appropriate to execute each goal. The key is to select solutions that will satisfy the client and help optimize costs.

User attention

There are no universal methods to execute effective ad campaigns and generate leads. Available tools, technologies as well as innovative ideas need to be applied and adapted to particular users and their needs.

As an agency, we know that in each case it is worth to focus users' attention on solid information and keep the complexity of the message to a minimum.

In an everyday communication 'clutter', clear, strong and relatively simple 'messages' are likely to result in a conversion. That is why ad campaigns are featured on dedicated landing pages. They focus users' attention on selected information from the company's offer.

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