Territorial marketing

"I cannot fiddle, but I can make a great state from a little city". Themistocles

The hidden potential of a local sector is a key to a successful shaping of its brand. What helps to create a coherent and considered brand image is territorial marketing.

Wojciech Szymański
Wojciech Szymański
Managing Director
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Territorial marketing

There is a lot demanded from local governments. They need a coherent development strategy including considered and multifaceted promotional activities. Here territorial marketing comes in handy - it is a managing conception of an administrative unit. Its goals include improving its attractiveness to tourists, investors and satisfying local residents' needs.

The right marketing activities can be in support of a promotion of local government and its region. Additionally, they can contribute to receive the necessary funds to develop the local economy.


When working for the local brand, activities aiming to improve its recognition and attractiveness are necessary. Here are a few examples.

Show what is unique about your region

The building of coherent development strategy is a task that requires constant updates. Given changes in environment, economic conditions, local and national politics, the accepted plan has to be revitalized. Only permanent monitoring - including channels for reaching and dynamic target group's specifics - will allow to promote a quality local brand and community leaders.

Local regions have a huge potential, and it should not go to waste. In a current global reality, only unique solutions and values can speak to the consciousness of the public. The chance for success lies in people, economy and local culture. It is worth to try marketing tools that will help to achieve this goal as well as verify and improve results.

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