Marketing automation

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Krzysztof Wójcik
Krzysztof Wójcik
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Marketing automation

Marketing automation involves action that focus on improving selling processes. Thanks to specialized software and tools, we can quickly and effectively react to customer’s actions. What’s more, automation processes are designed to include all marketing activities – from lead to sale generation.

As an agency, we use marketing automation systems such as SalesManago or Userengage. We remember to configure each tool according to client’s needs.

Monitoring and analysis

By implementing right software, our agency is able to track user’s interaction with a selected website, analyze its behavior and sources of visit (i.e. determine user’s location). Based on this data, user segmentation occurs. Thanks to precise automation rules, we can estimate ‘the value’ of each website guest and divide contact database based on interests or features. Combination of these mechanisms allows us to find out more about users. It allows us to precisely reach them with the message when they are ready to buy. As a result of it, generated leads become more valuable.

Personalized marketing message

The better we get to know our customer’s shopping habits, we can more accurately prepare individual offers. All adverts can be personalized based on previously acquired data (behavioral, transactional, the path to purchase).This so-called lead scoring (user evaluation) allows us to improve customer communication via many channels at the same time. Not only do we send personalized e-mails (based on customer’s behavior), but also create SMS campaigns, generate dynamic dedicated content, banner ads and create multichannel marketing campaigns.

We educate and get to know the customers

As an agency, we execute not only e-commerce campaigns but also Lead Nurturing campaigns – focusing on educating customers. Our aim is to accompany the customer, beginning with its first interaction with the website, and adjust content to influence its future decisions. It results not only in acquiring another transaction but in gaining an aware customer who is certain about services and website’s offer. Even after a while, the customer will still be certain about its decision.

Shopping carts abandonment

According to statistics, 67% of shopping carts in online stores are abandoned. For each store, it is a quite a number of transactions that fall through. Thanks to the combination of our activities and marketing automation, our agency can persuade some customers to return to the store and complete shopping. Our actions are based on a thorough shopping cart analysis, determining some of cart abandonment causes. They may include slow loading web pages, complicated shopping process, a lack of RWD and many more. After eliminating these points, we implement Marketing Automation systems into our activities. Thanks to their well-described rules, they reach customers with personalized messages encouraging to finish online shopping.

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