"Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline". Jay Baer

There is a big marketing potential on social media, especially on Facebook. This social networking platform provides various opportunities to promote your own brand and its offer.


Wojciech Szymański
Wojciech Szymański
Managing Director
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Why Facebook?

Running a Facebook page is the basic (yet accurate) connotation of Facebook. Based on communication strategy, engaged and eager audience is being built. Social Media marketing involves as well advertising tools that allow to reach audience via various paths.

Facebook is continuously the most popular social networking site in the world. It is being improved constantly to sustain its level of popularity. According to statistics, there are around 1.5 billion of active users around the world (14 million in Poland which represents 60% of Internet users). That is why Facebook became such an attractive platform for business promotion.

Social media strategy

It is important to remember that modern consumers are very demanding and avoid 'classic' ads that are not valuable. That is why marketing must be based on getting to know the target group, preparing promotional strategy as well as delivering quality and engaging content. More and more often, communication triggers customers' interest to discover brand's offer on their own.

Facebook advertising tools allow to plan and execute complex marketing campaigns. One of its main features is the possibility to reach selected groups of users. They can be classified into different categories such as demography, geography or interests. Facebook tools offer easy budget management as well.

Types of Facebook ads

One of the most popular solutions is the promotion of posts published on a brand's Facebook page. It improves the number of users who see the post. The aim of this type of promotion is to encourage recipients to interact with the brand.

Facebook ads offers as well more complex call-to-action campaigns. They include visually attractive carousel adverts, product ads, Page like ads (to increase the number of fans) and website click ads. There are also other ad formats available, for instance Messenger ads or Private message ads between a brand and a customer.

Preparation of effective Facebook marketing and its coordination require certain knowledge, experience and skills to optimize campaigns. We are proud of our team of specialists that guarantees the success of actions on social media.

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