Employer Branding

"Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline". Jay Baer

Job market constantly evolves. Employees, as well as employers' profiles, change and so does the communication between them. With the rise of the importance of the Internet, companies began to use it not only to promote themselves but to build an image and recruiting marketing. In the end, more than half of candidates spend their time online every day.

Joanna Tymowicz
Joanna Tymowicz
Client Service Director
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The building process of an attractive, credible brand image is a demanding and time-consuming task. Whether we like it or not, it is necessary to achieve success nowadays. The most important thing is coherence – the promoted image of the company needs to be the same, or very similar, to the real one.

Before preparing the concept of brand's online presence, our agency spends a considerable amount of time talking to the client and getting to know its company. We explore documents regarding company's policy, marketing strategies, missions and objectives. Basically, everything that might appear necessary when selecting proper employer branding tools.

We analyze brands and competitors

We perform brand audits for our clients, among employees and close environment. These audits help to diagnose brand's current situation – its popularity, recognition and rating. Often, one can think that brand is popular, but the reality is different. Analyses performed allow to see the real state. However, the knowledge about competitors helps to determine brand's actual position.

We run recruiting campaigns

When it comes to employer branding, our agency concentrates on original campaigns that catch recipients' attention. Our team precisely defines ad campaigns' target groups in order to reach them with dedicated and attractive content. We design complex marketing activities on Facebook, GoldenLine, LinkedIn and other social networking services. Our agency prepares and executes unusual events, such as internships/job offers contests – entertaining for participants and allowing to find valuable employees. We put a great emphasis on a visual aspect of our campaigns by creating dedicated landing pages, branding social networking sites as well as designing ad banners and newsletters. We know how to attract users' attention and stand out from the competition.

Brand image monitoring

One needs to remember that online presence might result in problems or negative responses. That is why our agency does not leave their clients when they need it. We support them in a time of crisis, make recommendations on what to do next and help to minimize the brand image damages.

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