Communication Audit

"Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline". Jay Baer

Social media are without a doubt the best communication channels between the brand and consumers. The thesis is confirmed by numbers. In Poland, 90% of all Internet users use this type of communication. Each of them can be the customer of your brand if properly encouraged. The audit of social networking sites can determine whether you use it properly. It will also help you not to get lost among thousands of trends and competitor’s moves and find your own individual path.

Joanna Tymowicz
Joanna Tymowicz
Client Service Director
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Inactive fans?

Did you set up a Facebook page for your brand, publish new posts every day and do not see the results? Our audit will show you which elements of your strategy do not work. Remember, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to be up to date with constantly changing trends and users’ expectations.

We will analyze your profile in terms of compatibility with current user preferences. We will advise what to improve in order to achieve success – gain a faithful and devoted community of people who are interested in your brand.

Facebook page audit

The audit is a complex analysis of the brand’s online presence that includes many aspects that might affect overall perception of the brand. Remember that management of the Facebook page is more than a publication of random, thoughtless posts. It also involves the graphic content, that is compatible with brand’s visual aesthetics, as well as the language and posts topics that are adapted to the requirements and habits of the target group.

If only one of mentioned elements is not working properly, the whole thing will not achieve expected results. It is not a place to make risks. It is much harder to bring back the one unsatisfied fan than to gain ten new ones. You cannot afford to make such mistakes.

We conduct complex analysis of social media communication. We do not only provide cold data but also advise on specific solutions that might help you become successful on social media.

Competition monitoring

Remember just to be yourself, and you will not fear any competition. Each brand is unique, and all it takes is to properly use its individual qualities.

We analyze the actions of others and suggest how to respond to them. We find solutions that will help you to stay ahead of your competition and become a number one, even in the most niche industries.

Professional strategies

Is the audit not enough? We also develop professional, multidirectional social media strategies. We have experience in executing activities for the biggest brands as well as smaller businesses. Find out what we can do for your company and its customers.

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