Employer Branding Strategies

"It’s more effective to do something valuable than to hope a logo or name will do it for you". J.Cohen

The success of the company is often dependent on responsible and talented employees. Where to find them? Online! We help to build effective Employer Branding strategies that draw talented candidates.

Joanna Tymowicz
Joanna Tymowicz
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Every effective employer branding activity must be preceded by the complex diagnosis of the company’s current state. In order to discover its hidden potential, we conduct advanced audits that allow to assess brand awareness, recognition and rating, within and outside the organization.

We provide complex examination and analysis of the company’s current situation. We suggest workshops with employees, CATI technique, CX questionnaires diagnosing candidates’ experiences during recruitment processes. Based on the collected data, we set goals and advise how to use the full potential of the brand as well as create the image of an attractive employer.

We communicate brand’s quality

The best image of the company is the one that is tempting for employees. The campaigns targeted at specific groups of recipients, allow to reach the most talented and desired candidates, and actively build the company’s position. Per clients requests, we create personas helping us visualize qualities of potential employees. We also create individual, multichannel strategies to communicate with them.


When the strategy is ready, it is time for specific activities. We design and execute materials for internal communication – intranets, newsletter, custom-made apps. We take care of the brand’s external image. We create it through social media activities, content marketing and video marketing. We prepare custom-made landing pages and try out various solutions such as games and competitions, etc.

Our activities do not end with the preparation and execution of the strategy. Additionally, we offer complex online monitoring – the web is a space that is constantly active. The constant supervision of appearing mentions allows to preventing crisis situations and shape the brand image in real time.


As an agency, we also execute offline activities. We design and prepare custom-made roll-ups, provide event service as well as help to choose promotional gadgets. These activities outside Internet help to complete and create the whole image that will attract employees and ensure the long-term success.

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