Sales optimization

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply". Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Every owner of the online store dreams of the highest conversion rate. It is a proof of the attractive offer and an appropriate quality of acquired traffic.

Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Account Manager, UX/UI Designer
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The conversion rate

The conversion rate is expressed as a percentage. Its aim is to determine the number of people who completed an expected task. That might include an average time spent on the website, entering a contact page, sending an e-mail, filling out a contact form or buying something.

Based on the display campaign, the conversion rate can mean the ratio of people who clicked our ad to people who completed a specific interaction. For example, if 100 people clicked our banner ad and only 3 people, after visiting the website, filled out the contact form, then the conversion rate is expressed as a percentage according to the pattern 3/100 * 100% = 3%.


The main goal of the optimization of the conversion rate is to achieve its highest percentage, which means as much people who buy products as possible. It is worth analyzing carefully specific marketing campaigns with analytics tools. It is also worth conducting UX/UI testing that might increase the conversion by up to several hundred percent!

A/B testing

One of the most popular and available tool to increase the conversion rate is A/B testing. They are less invasive (they can be conducted in the biggest projects) and are often chosen by specialists. A/B testing includes the preparation of two versions of the promotional material, i.e. a landing page that will be shown to the users. The aim of the testing is to select the most optimal version for potential customers, which results in increased effects of executed marketing activities.

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