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"Customers' needs are a moving target. When you finish this puzzle, you need to start all over again".
Robert B. Tucker

Over a half of people in Poland, when buying things or services, uses digital sales channels. We know what to do to make them reach your store and not the competition. Trust us!

Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Account Manager
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Increase sales

An online store offers new, unlimited sales opportunities. It gives a chance to enter new markets with minimal logistics expenditure. However, in order to precisely reach the selected target group and interest them with the offer, it is necessary to use SEO activities such as website positioning in order to acquire high positions in search engine results. As a result, your brand will be noticed among many competing websites.

According to research, 70-80% of traffic is generated through niche keywords, the rest through general phrases. By promoting niche phrases, we reach conscious users who look for the specific product or services.

Long-tail method

All projects run by us are preceded by analysis of your online store. We select the best keywords that will ensure the increase in popularity in a short amount of time and increase sales potential of your e-commerce

In order to generate the biggest traffic, we will apply long-tail SEO. We use the maximum amount of precise, multi-word keywords (phrases) entered into the search engine by potential customers. Based on them, we will optimize the online store, so every single long-tail phrase has its own dedicated subpage.

National specificity

Well-chosen keywords are not always the result of experience and specialization in SEO. Each country is different. People have different specifics, mentality and behaviors. It's worth getting to know them before enter to the foreign market.

Years of experience and cooperation with many companies from various industries have allowed us to perfectly get to know and understand Polish consumers. So if you plan to introduce your product or service to this market - use our knowledge.

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