SEO Copywriting

"Customers' needs are a moving target. When you finish this puzzle, you need to start all over again".
Robert B. Tucker

Modern SEO copywriting, by combining the ability of professional writing and web positioning knowledge, brings the best results for your business. See what we can do for you!

Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Kwiatkowski
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SEO texts

Over the years, techniques and ways of web positioning have changed. They were adapted to Google requirements, clients' expectations and the competitors' moves. By focusing solely on high ranks, it is often forgotten that people, not search engine robots, are recipients of the content – they are consumers who look for interesting products.

That is why currently SEO copywriting plays such an important role. Our specialists can create materials attractive both to people and Google robots. Prepared content is based on properly selected keywords, their specifics, the frequency of using as well as characteristics of recipients and their needs.

What content do we create?

Our SEO copywriting services include: content creation for external websites (link building), blogs, brand’s websites or rewriting texts considering SEO factors.

Regularly published content is always welcome by search engine robots. Its uniqueness influences high ranks in search engine results. On the other hand blogging is a great method that helps to build expert brand image and generate traffic on the website.

SEO copywriting can be included in the contract for web positioning services or separately.

Native and natural language

Can you tell the difference between the text written by the company and the ordinary user? Do you see the differences between an article translated by a foreign author and prepared by a native speaker? Yes, of course you can. This is one of the natural skills of everyone.

Language is not constant. It evolves. It’s dynamic and has numerous nuances. What's more, the natural, everyday language of most users is far from academic one. Natural language is colloquial and free. Such Such an effect is difficult to achieve for people who are not native speakers. And speaking your clients' language helps build their trust.

So if you want your brand to be quickly internalized on the Polish market, use the skills of our copywriters.

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