SEO audit

"Customers' needs are a moving target. When you finish this puzzle, you need to start all over again​".
Robert B. Tucker

Do you wonder why your website does not achieve high Google position? We will help you change it. Thanks to our expertise, you will beat the competitors.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Kwiatkowski
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SEO analysis

SEO audit is a professional website analysis. We conduct it based on our many years of experience and with the help of specialized tools.

We use MajesticSeo, Ahrefs, Semstorm, Clusteric Link Auditor, Screaming Frog and tools offered by Google.

We examine all parameters influencing SEO. We also take a wider look at the situation regarding your line of business. It helps us to see the problem much clearly.

Website optimization

As a result of this analysis, the agency prepares a detailed report including ideas for improvements that will help to optimize your website. They will boost the effectiveness of web positioning, conversion rates and a number of website visits. They will also improve the comfort of using the website, its load speed and decrease future promotional costs.

Fluid approach

Depending on the website's scale, our agency performs basic and advanced audits. SEO audit can be included in the contract for web positioning services. It is offered as an individual service as well. 

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