Product descriptions for online stores

"Marketers fell in love with technology and forgot that people tend to buy from brands that show certain history". Sam Walton

Good product is not enough – the key is to know how to sell it. The key is to have the proper features that will encourage a customer to buy it despite competitive offers.

Daniel Kazanecki
Daniel Kazanecki
Creative and Content Manager
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Product feed and descriptions

Our clients often struggle with two issues: the lack of quality product descriptions and the lack of a basic product feed. We help solve these problems.

Our team is able to prepare descriptions for even the most technologically advanced products. We are able to take care of commercial nature of texts, optimize them for the needs of a specific company as well as for search engine robots. What's more, our agency offers systems that allow to import thousands of products automatically or enter them manually with care if such solution is needed.

Description that sells

The right choice and placement of words influence users' decision to buy something. Our team of writers decides to use headings or catchphrases that distinguish the product from other offers. By applying these writing tricks, we can create the need to have a certain thing. We speak the language of benefits.

Ideo Force writers create unique texts and do not copy the competitors. We use producers' materials, but our content is always 100% original. We often try to enhance it with graphics or photos that describe how the products work.

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