Buzz marketing

"Marketers fell in love with technology and forgot that people tend to buy from brands that show certain history". Sam Walton

When a traditional advertisement fails, it is worth trying unconventional methods of brand promotion. One of them is buzz marketing.

Daniel Kazanecki
Daniel Kazanecki
Creative and Content Manager
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Why buzz marketing?

Nowadays, there is a massive communication chaos. Users are attacked with a tremendous amount of information, mostly ads and so become immune to them. That is why marketers think of new ways of reaching consumers. One of the ideas is buzz marketing. It should trigger users' interest with a specific topic, or a discussion about the brand on a completely different level.

Buzz marketing

Good buzz marketing should begin with determining a target group and selecting channels of communication. Those are places to start a discussion or engage in an existing one. The mention of the brand name is the last part of this activity and should be made very discreetly. Users' attention should be directed at brand's offer. When they figure out that it was all a part of the promotion, they might ignore it or start leaving negative feedback. 

Thanks to many years of experience, we can execute effective buzz marketing campaigns as well as contact influencers that would participate in campaign activities.

Act with sensitivity on local market

Customers on every foreign market are slightly different. They have different tastes, habits and needs as well as marketing and digital awareness. And that is way there is no universal way or solution. Every market requires adaptation of activities supported by appropriate data.

Excellent knowledge about the Polish market allows us to work with it with great sensitivity and efficiency. So if you want to make some buzz, use our help.

Recommendation marketing

Opinions of “co-users” are trusted. That is why buzz marketing, that uses mechanisms of recommendation and users' feedback, is highly effective. However, it is a tool that should be used wisely and with caution. Suspicion of being an advertising message will bring the opposite effect to the intended one.

Moreover, buzz marketing's results are similar to consumer's survey (acquiring honest and voluntary opinions about the brand).

We help companies find suitable influencers on the Polish market as well as other foreign markets and set up cooperation between them. Together with our client and influencer, we make strategies for marketing action and set schedules. We support your brand from the beginning to the end.


Buzz marketing does not always have to be associated with activities of just "ordinary" consumers and Internet users. The more effective, yet more expensive solution could be a co-operation with influential people online (influencers). They are mostly bloggers, YouTubers, and other online celebrities who build their audience by delivering quality content by means of their own communication channels. With the development of new media, the popularity and significance of these people constantly grow, especially among younger generations.

They become influential people, leaders of opinions, trendsetters. Their co-operation with the brand - whether it involves being the face of the commercial, improvement of content marketing or participation in buzz marketing – helps to reach the particular group of dedicated fans. That is why products recommended by them have the better chance of arousing an interest among followers.

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